The Russian company ENIOSCAN (Energy- Informational Exchange with Scanning) offers to you to consider a possibility of application of our developments for improving health condition of the population of Saudi Arabia.

Our company is dealing with development and production of devices and services for improvement of ecology of human being( his health) and environment of his habitation (elimination of geopathogenic, technogenic and anthropogenic impacts). To the technogenic impacts there refer influence of computers, mobile phones, television sets, any kind of electric apparatus, electric wiring and so on.

Devices produced by ENIOSCAN act according to the principle of active bioresonance in a very wide range of frequencies (up to tens and hundreds of GHz). As a result of the impact of the passive aerial(device of ENIOSCAN ) and of the active aerial (a human being or another biological object) there is taking place a correction of wide-scale biochemical reactions that are in progress in the organism. As a result, there is taking place improvement of health condition (state) of a human being without taking any medicine. It has to be noted that our devices excellently combine with the traditional allopathic treatment with considerably decreased doses of medicines.

At this, it is possible to treat acute and chronic illnesses including the ones that are caused by disorder of metabolism and harmonic background (for example, diabetes), to cope stresses and depressions, restore health after traumas and surgical operations.

A human being can not exist being isolated from the surrounding environment, he is its part and parcel. Therefore, we also deal with restoration of the environment of human habitation- living space, office rooms, and production premises.

For solving the above mentioned task, there are elaborated a whole series of various devices that are convenient and simple in exploitation and do not require switching them to external and self-contained power sources, replaceable cartridges and special maintenance.


1.1.    Glasses ENIOSCAN

The glasses from outside do not look different from usual glasses except for unusually high transparency ( 98%).

Even the first 15 minutes session of treatment with these glasses in the majority of cases (about 90%) gives to the patient a possibility to considerably increase the quality of his vision and to improve his feels. This effect is accounted to the fact that the glasses of ENIOSCAN via the eyes positively influence the work of brain and, hence,- functioning of the whole organism.

As a result they cope stresses, depressions, insomnia, syndrome of chronic fatigue, metabolic processes in the organism are improving and so on. A full course of treatment envisages wearing glasses during a month and a half. After the undergoing such a course the patients often notice that their disorders connected with different chronic illnesses- kidneys, liver, pancreas, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and other organs have considerably decreased

This is accounted to the fact that literally starting from the first session of treatment, the tension of blood vessels an blood capillaries of the whole organism start to restore themselves. The majority of patients notice it when they see the increase of brightness of colours of the surrounding world. Blood vessels of the eye start to feed the retina of the eye more properly and provide for a higher quality progress of biochemical reactions in rods and conuses.

The cost of delivery of the glasses is 1000 US dollars per piece.

1.2. Flat devices of ENIOSCAN

Such devices are designed for coping acute pains, treatment of acute and chronic diseases. A part of these devices (dimensions 200 x 300 mm) are recommended also to be used for improving ecological conditions of the environment of habitation.

These devices are made in the form thin plates of thickness from 0.5 to 2 mm and of dimensions from 47 x 65 mm to 200 x 300 mm.

Application of these devices is very simple. For coping pain syndromes, it is necessary to apply plates of ENIOSCAN to the aching place. In most cases a positive effect is reached in 5-15 minutes. Quite often there are observed cases of pain coping in a shorter period of time. Flat devices of ENIOSCAN excellently remove hematomas and other consequences of the traumas. For relieving acute and chronic pains the devices are fixed on the surface of the organism or are placed at a distance from a human being, for example, under the mattress of a sleeping place during the sleep.

Flat devises of ENIOSCAN are also designed for structuring a drink for a certain time. The time interval depends on the volume of the liquid and constitutes, in particular, for one glass – 4- minutes, and for a two liters water jug – 5 hours. Such water after structuring has a vividly expressed health improving effect, for example, it quickly improves the digestion. Drinks, for example, juices, after structuring acquire a noticeably better taste and aroma.

Very topical is now using flat devices of ENIOSCAN for reducing harmful impact of electro-magnetic emission from mobile phones, personal computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and so on.

For mobile phones and computers it is more sensible to use flat devices of dimensions 47 x 65 mm. Their cost is 600 US dollar per piece.

In other cases we recommend to use devices of dimensions 200 x 300 mm. Their cost is 800 US dollars per piece.

1.3. Crystal wares (devices)

These wares are made in the form of faceted glasses ( for 250 ml). In the material of crystal in the process of its manufacturing there is formed a special matrix structure that performs the function of a passive correcting aerial. As a result these items brilliantly structure liquids and even improve their quality- taste, bouquet, aroma. Besides, they also serve as effective biological corrector of the organism similar to the devices considered in points 1.1 and 1.2.

The cost of the glass is 1000 US dollar.

The cost of a vase is to be negotiated and depends on its modification.


2.1. Practically all flat devices of ENIOSCAN solve this task. At this, small plates (47 x 65 mm) act at a small distance – about one meter, and plates 200 x 300 mm in dimension can eliminate disturbance of the natural terrestrial magnetic field at the distance of scores of meters. It is recommended to wear small plates oneself, and the big ones- to place (to fix) on the walls of   the rooms.

2.2. Chrystal ware

Items indicated in point 1.3 excellently perform the task of improvement of the ecology of the environment of habitation. The crystal vase, in particular, has a range of positive correction of the premises equal to several scores of meters.


3.1. Our company can perform also a remote individual correction of patients’ health.For example, our expert being in Moscow, can improve the state of a patient who is in any other country.

3.2. Veterinary service to animals. For example, it is possible to provide for improvement of quality of life to elite horses and camels in a similar way like they do it for people.

3.1. To individual orders it is possible to draw in beautiful handwriting preliminary agreed upon religious texts and images on flat devices of ENIOSCAN. The medical researches proved that in this case effectiveness of action of the devices increases noticeably.



Vilensky Alexander Romanovich tel.: +7 903 1326230


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